Supporting Communities’ Youth Mentoring Programme supports young people who need assistance and guidance to overcome issues and barriers, supporting them to realise their full potential.

Mentoring can take place both within and outside of the educational setting.

The goal of our Youth Mentoring Programme is to improve the wellbeing of each young person by providing a positice role model that can support the young person’s academic, social and individual development.

Supporting Communities’ can provide mentoring to young people aged 10-19 as part of a 6-12 week Youth Mentoring Programme.

Mentoring can cover areas such as aspirations, personal development, SEMH and citizenship. We support young people to remain in education, promote positive and healthy choices and reduce risks associated with anti-social behaviour, emotional wellbeing and social isolation.

Our Mentors take a person-centered approach to ensure that the support is tailored to each individual needs.

“I feel more confident and more happy since the beginning. It’s better at school and at home”
“Thank you for your support. I feel more control of my feelings”
“I feel like I have more useful tools now, that will help me in areas that I was struggling before”
“I feel good again, instead of feeling frustrated all of the time”
“I’ve enjoyed having some structure at our mentoring sessions because I had nothing to do before”


of mentees progress through their action or development plan


feel happier and more in control of their emotions


no longer require support following engagement

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